How To Introduce Yourself


How to introduce yourself

You might be thinking that you introduce yourself to people all the time, so surely you don't need a guide about it. However, there are ways that you can give a self-introduction to send across the right sort of message. A shuffling into a room and murmuring your name just loud enough to be audible is going to say something quite different than if you strode in with your hand outstretched and your shoulders back. It's important that you are seen as confident and self-assured. A large part of this comes from the way you introduce yourself.

You can use a number of different techniques:

• Don't stand in the doorway. Stand at the back of the room and allow people to see you before you speak. If you are shy, maybe even walk around and shake hands with people first!

• Stand in a place where people can see your face, but not so close that they feel they have to get up or move away.

• Make eye contact with other people and smile as they greet you. Do not look down or away as this might suggest that you don't want to be seen nor do it if it is too difficult for you to make eye contact. It's fine if your eyes are focused on something else, such as your phone or a piece of paper in front of your face, just make sure that it's clear that you're not looking for an answer.

• Do not introduce yourself to one person and then disappear into the room. Introduce yourself to at least five people, ideally more.

• If you are doing a presentation, introduce as many people as possible.

• If you are meeting someone for the first time, spend some time looking them over before introducing yourself.

How to make a good impression

The best way to make a good impression is to be yourself - but don't be too shy about it! If you're nervous about meeting someone new, it's perfectly natural and perfectly acceptable to feel that way. It's important that you take a minute or two just before you meet someone new and think about how they will see you - this will help you get your self-confidence up and give you the confidence to go into the situation with your eyes wide open, ready for anything! If you've already met someone in person before and they seemed nice, then maybe they would be a good person to meet again.

How to avoid making an impression

• Don't be rude or aggressive when you first meet someone.

• If you're meeting a client or someone in a position of authority, don't be over-eager to show your superior knowledge. If you are in a meeting with the client or your boss and they ask you a question, answer it politely and thoughtfully - don't try to sound smart right away! Let them know that you understand that they are in charge and that they have the final say.

• Don't try too hard to make an impression on people who don't matter - this will only cause people not to like you!

• Don't walk into a room and then stand there staring at people - it's rude. People will think that you're being overly eager and unprofessional.  Walk up to them and introduce yourself when there is no one else around - this is less threatening if someone is already standing

next to them.

• Don't stand there and talk to people who are doing something else while they are on the phone. They will see that you're being pushy, and they'll probably end up hanging up on you!

How to meet new people

• Be friendly and polite - but don't be too friendly or too polite.

• If you have a business card, always have it ready.  If you're going to be giving out a lot of cards, make sure that yours is different from all the others - this will let people know that you don't give out your card to just anyone!

• Don't be afraid of meeting new people - it's important for your career if you want more clients or customers in the future!  New people can be great for expanding your network and getting ideas for new projects - so go ahead and meet as many people as possible!

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