What Is HVAC Course?

 What Is HVAC Course?

The definition of HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration. It typically requires a 2-year associate degree program for students to finish their HVAC training online HVAC professionals are known worldwide to provide temperature and climate control at homes, factories, and offices, making this field among the most diverse regions of study. It would help if you summarized which HVAC training online programs are available and what their range is. For this purpose, a comprehensive overview of the degree program is provided hereunder.


The certificate program gives you a steady expansion towards the ideal HVAC jobs on the market. Pupils gain exceptional heating and cooling systems, analyzing the essential elements through theoretical and practical training. Learners also acquire the ability of how to take care of all troubleshooting HVAC issues and learn how to design, repair, and install the HVAC equipment. It requires an individual 1-year to finish this HVAC training online.

Those pursuing the HVAC certification program online gain the upper hand in understanding the practical techniques and heating and cooling equipment concepts. The following courses are offered in this program:

Basics of HVAC

  • HVAC system layout
  • Electrical connections and electromagnetic controls
  • Evaporating and condensing units
  • Installing and servicing commercial and residential HVAC appliances
  • Fluid power systems
  • HVAC security
  • Construction codes.

Job outlook and Salary Info

The job outlook for HVAC technicians is high and demanding. According to the US Labor Statistics, over 308,000 positions were held by them, and this figure is to rise in the next few years.

Associate Degree in HVAC Training Online

Pupils follow the general education classes together with instruction in HVAC systems from the associate degree program.

It requires about 2-year for a student to finish his HVAC training online with this degree program. Among the numerous topics covered, a few of these include duct systems design, commercial refrigeration, automatic controls, ventilation and heater repairs, etc. People are also introduced to overall business characteristics, which assist them in getting the best HVAC jobs. The people applying for this degree program have to have a high school diploma or anything equivalent to it. A list of the standard classes offered in this program includes

  • Mechanical heating system design
  • Sheet metal design
  • HVAC installation techniques
  • Commercial heating systems
  • Gas heating systems
  • Career Options

HVAC professionals with an online associate degree in hand can gain access towards a number of technical fields such as:

  • HVAC mechanic
  • HVAC Consultants
  • Physical plant care service person
  • Air-conditioning technician
  • HVAC Tech
  • Mechanical Contractor HVAC
  • Wholesale Service Representative
  • Facilities Maintenance HVAC

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